Top 10 Lovable On-Screen Schmucks

Steve Carell plays the king of idiots in "Dinner for Schmucks," but his character, Barry, joins a distinguished list of classic on-screen boneheads. They are infuriating but you gotta love 'em. Here's a top 10 list of the best, on film and TV!

Top 10 On-Screen Schmucks

10. Ace Ventura

Jim Carrey plays goofy detective Ace Ventura, who specializes in finding animals; be it a missing dog, cat — or dolphin mascot. He may be unorthodox in his methods, but he gets the job done.

9. Alan Garner

As the hilarious Alan, Zach Galifianakis is really not so bad. He is only trying to make sure the guys in "The Hangover" are having fun by giving them what he thinks is ecstasy. Turns out what he gives themcauses a little bit too much fun.

8. Johnny "Drama" Chase

Sometimes you just want to smack "Entourage's" Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) for all the stupid, schmucky things he does — but you gotta love him, too, for his infinite optimism that he is just as big a star as his little brother, Vince (Adrian Grenier).

7. Ted Baxter

"The Mary Tyler Moore Show's" anchorman is overbearing, pompous, and insecure. Played by Ted Knight, Baxter is one of the most endearing TV buffoons ever.

6. Maxwell Smart

Would you believe...? Whether played by Don Adams in the '60s TV show or by Steve Carell in the big screen version, Maxwell Smart is the dedicated, albeit confused CONTROL Agent 86 — who does the best he can to take down the evil agents of KAOS — without causing too much damage.

5. Mr. Bean

Comic actor Rowan Atkinson perfected the bumbling Brit Mr. Bean, who has no idea of the trail of destruction he leaves wherever he goes. At least he enjoys himself.

4. Ron Burgundy

Will Ferrell has portrayed his fair share of onscreen blockheads, but "Anchorman's" Ron Burgundy takes the cake, both annoyingly smug and endearingly inept.

3. Michael Scott

Steve Carell strikes again! Carell's turn as "The Office's" Michael Scott leaves you cringing with anticipation of what asinine thing he'll do next. But in the same breath, he'll turn around and do something to redeem himself.

2. Inspector Jacques Clouseau

Created and immortalized by Peter Sellers and re-envisioned by Steve Martin, the wonderfully incompetent French Inspector Clouseau is hands down the best onscreen movie imbecile.

1. Homer Simpson

When it comes to dimwits, the grand prize goes to Homer Simpson, the slow-witted, selfish but most lovable schmuck of all time.