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LiLo's Jail Mate's First-Hand Account Behind Bars

In an interview with "Extra," "Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers talks about her in the Lynwood jail and what happened when Lindsay Lohan arrived to serve her time.

As Neiers watched the troubled starlet being led to her cell, she said, "they were playing the news... the girls we screaming... it was really insane. From 6:00 in the morning on, it was just mayhem."

Alexis was busted for being part of what is now known as Hollywood's "Bling Ring" -- a group of thieves, who allegedly broke into the homes of Orlando Bloom, Audrina Patridge and, ironically, Lindsay Lohan.

Neiers pled no contest to the crime and said she was only guilty by association. "I witnessed something I never wanted to be a part of," she explained. "I witnessed a robbery. I witnessed someone robbing a house. I didn't know who's house it was."

The reality star said the toughest part about being locked up was dealing with the other inmates. "I would have girls come up to my cell door and just stare at me. There's nothing you can do."

Neiers is now counseling high school students about the power of making good decisions.