'Bachelorette' Ali and Roberto to Marry in Spring

She's a bachelorette no more! Ali Fedotowsky and fiance Roberto Martinez made their first live television appearance together on "Jimmy Kimmel" Monday night and revealed that they're planning for a spring wedding.

ali and roberto

Martinez told Kimmel it's going to be huge! "My mom wants 700 people at the wedding," he gushed.

Ali said she knew from the beginning they had a connection. "We always had a really strong connection from the very first night. I just had a feeling, a really strong feeling... in the end, all I wanted to do [was] see him."

Since the final "Bachelorette" taping wrapped three months ago, the giddy couple has spent 20 days together in seclusion. "We entertain ourselves. We played games, we made up handshakes," said the reality starlet. "We watch 'Bridezillas' all day long... He's learning to love the little weird things about me."

"I had an interesting situation," Roberto added, "I learned how to eat popcorn; she said you're supposed to moisten it."

The happy couple is going strong and plans to stay that way. "We have so much faith in our relationship," Ali said. "Every day we tell each other, you're my priority, we're gonna put each other first no matter what, every single day."