Ali and Roberto: Love at First Sight

In the surprising "Bachelorette" season finale, Ali Fedotowsky sent Chris packing before the final rose ceremony -- and she walked away engaged to Roberto Martinez.


"Extra's" Lauren Sanchez caught up with the happy couple today to talk marriage plans, how they managed to keep their relationship a secret, and the possibility of participating on "Dancing with the Stars."

When asked if it was love at first sight, Roberto said, "I would say yes," while Ali replied with a smile, "I think so." The two kept their engagement a secret, although Ali says her friends could tell it was written all over her face.

For the past three months, they weren't allowed to be seen in public together -- Roberto said they would go on "virtual movie dates."

"I'd pick a movie say 10 o'clock and there was a three-hour time difference, so we'd watch the movie at the same time and say hey, did you like this part?" said Roberto. They would also send photos to each other along the way so it felt like they were together.

As to their wedding plans, Ali and Roberto said it will be in the spring or summer next year, but for now they're excited just to be in public as a couple.

Rumor has it that the "Bachelorette" couple will be heading to "Dancing with the Stars." Check out "Extra" tonight to find out if the rumor is true.

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