Who is Chelsea Clinton's Groom?

Did you know that Chelsea Clinton's fiancé, Marc Mezvinsky, is the son of two former politicians? To find out more about Marc, check out the list below!

10 Facts About Marc Mezvinsky

College Sweethearts

Marc and Chelsea both attended Stanford University -- a serious student, he majored in finance and tried out for the crew team.

Wall Street

Marc previously worked for Goldman Sachs and is now an investment banker at the hedge fund 3G Capital Management.

Dad's Troubles

His father, Edward Mezvinsky, served five years in prison for bank, mail and wire fraud. He was released in 2008.

Role Model

In 1970, his mother, Marjorie Mezvinsky, became the first single American woman to adopt a foreign child -- a young Korean girl.

Family Life

Mezvinsky grew up in a 15-room home in Philadelphia, for his 10 brothers and sisters.

The Courtship

Chelsea and Marc have known each other for 14 years!

His Crib

In 2008, Mezvinsky purchased a 2,000-sq. ft. condo in New York City for $3.8 million.

You've Got Mail

Mezvinsky and Clinton announced their impending nuptials to friends and family via an email blast.

Confident and Funny

According to the New York Times, Mezvinsky is known for his self-assurance and sense of humor.

Father-in-Law Love

Bill Clinton has said that Mezvinsky is "a great human being."