Julia Roberts on Kissing James Franco

"Eat Pray Love" star Julia Roberts isn't one to kiss on film and tell, but she told "Extra" about her scenes with hottie James Franco.

Roberts told "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli that co-star James Franco had to coax her into making out with him in a scene, saying, "I've never been comfortable with that kind of stuff, right? I mean, what movie am I in where I am really making out? Throwing down with somebody? That just doesn't exist."

She laughed, continuing, "We were in rehearsal and James kind of looked at me like he was going to kiss me and I said maybe just kiss my shoulder and he goes, 'I just flew in from Ireland, I am not kissing your shoulder.'"

There was also a scene which left her, quite literally, speechless. Hint: She really doesn't speak fluent Italian, even though she pretends to in the film. Watch Julia describe her experience!

"Eat Pray Love" opens August 13.