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'Pretty Wild' Star Released from Jail

Lindsay Lohan just lost her fellow celebrity jail mate. Reality TV star Alexis Neiers was sent home from the Lynwood Regional Detention Facility Friday, serving about 20 percent of her six-month jail term.

Neiers, who stars in the E! Entertainment reality show "Pretty Wild," was convicted on burglary charges, stemming from her alleged involvement in robbing actor Orlando Bloom's home.

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Upon release from jail, Neiers issued the following statement: "I've had time to reflect on my life and the choices that led me to this experience, left alone in my cell 23 hours a day and having everything stripped away but the bare essentials. I did a lot of soul searching. I feel very humbled and see my life in a way that I have come to be very grateful for and I am also grateful to everyone who has helped and supported me through this."

She added, "I am now a convicted felon -- convicted of a crime that I did not commit. I was charged with one count of residential burglary and never a suspect in any of the other Hollywood robberies, which is contrary to what some media outlets are incorrectly reporting. However, it gives me an excellent opportunity to reach out to teens and help them grasp the possible consequences of drinking and partying with people you assume are safe and with whom you consider friends."

The "Pretty Wild" star pleaded not guilty to burglary charges in 2009, and then checked into Lynwood jail on June 24, after she agreed to a plea bargain when she found out Bloom was scheduled to testify against her. Even though Neiers has been released early, she still must serve three years felony probation and is obligated to pay a portion of what was taken from Bloom.

Neiers plans to release full details of her own story soon. For now, fans can receive a phone call from Alexis by texting "Alexis" at 41411 to hear from her on a weekly basis regarding what it was like in jail.