Singer Billy Corgan Collapses Onstage

Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan blacked out while performing Thursday night in Tampa, Fla., falling into his drummer's equipment as the band played their song "Bullet with Butterfly Wings," reports.


Corgan apparently got right back up after falling and later tweeted about the incident, "For those that saw me fall last night during 'Bullet,' that wasn't a stage move or clumsiness, that was me blacking out and wiping out. I have no memory of falling against the drum riser and my guitar cabinet, but I can tell you I've got quite a good bruise + am moving slow."

Smashing Pumpkins are on a tour that began in July and will wrap Aug. 28 at the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles.

The band is also raffling off tickets to a July 27 benefit concert in Chicago for Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leona, who remains in critical condition after trying to break up a fight in the street in June. For information, visit