Vienna on Life After Jake and 'The Bachelor Pad' Rumors

"Extra's" Terri Seymour caught up with newly single Vienna Girardi and got the scoop on her new life in Los Angeles and rumors about her appearing on ABC's "The Bachelor Pad."

As for rumors that Vienna will appear on "The Bachelor Pad," she tells "Extra," "Absolutely not, hahaha," and she has no plans to participate on "Dancing with the Stars" either. 

The former "Bachelor" winner does have she does have some advice for "Bachelorette" Ali. "Go for Roberto, he's hot."

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Bouncing back after a tumultuous TV breakup, Vienna says that on-screen she was "such a crybaby," adding, "I come from a small town. We don't experience things like this."

The lovelorn Florida native has shifted her focus since starting fresh in Los Angeles, teaming up with Reality Cares and Biolustre to provide hair rejuvenation to cancer survivors. With her grandfather in remission and her mother a cancer victim, this cause hits close to home for Vienna.

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"After chemo radiation your hair grows back really thin and brittle. You can't dye your hair, you can't do anything or it will break off. So what we're doing is we're giving women their self-esteem back," she tells Terri.

Visit to learn how you can get involved.