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Celeb Thief is Lindsay's New Neighbor -- In Jail!

"Pretty Wild's" bad girl, Alexis Neiers, is locked up and living next door to Lindsay Lohan. But living in Lynwood jail is not the only thing the two inmates have in common. Neiers is in jail because she was a member of a teen celebrity theft group. Ironically enough, one of the celebs she stole from was Lohan.

Before the reality TV star's sentencing, she gave "Extra" some insight into her life goals -- such as becoming a feature film actress, and revealed details about her family's reality show, "Pretty Wild."

Alexis said, "I've been completely up front about everything that has to do with my court case on the show. You follow me through every breakdown, break-through, court hearing, every step of the way."

She and her sisters were excited that their show would portray Alexis in a better light than the "harsh media."

Hear what she has to say!