53 'Twilight' vs. 'True Blood' Facts

Did you know the vampires of "True Blood" can't come out during the day, but the Cullen clan of "Twilight" simply sparkles in the sunlight? The battle continues between the movie franchise and HBO's sexy vampire show -- now "Extra" has 53 facts on "Twilight" vs. "True Blood"!

'Twilight' vs. 'True Blood'

Sparkly Skin

The Cullen clan isn't killed by sunlight -- their skin simply sparkles.

Darkness Only

"True Blood" vampires cannot come out during the day, and they can't enter a human's residence unless they're invited in.

Vampire Love

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are rumored to be dating off-screen, though there's been no confirmation.

True Love

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin are definitely dating off screen -- looks like vampires have a thing for their leading ladies!

Across the Border

The "Twilight" series is filmed in Vancouver.

L.A. & LA

"True Blood" is filmed in areas around Southern California and Louisiana.

Timber Town

"Twilight" takes place in rainy Forks, Washington.

Bon Temps

"True Blood" takes place in Bon Temps, a fictional small town in Louisiana.

Human Strength

There is no mention in the "Twilight" saga of humans drinking vampire blood for strength.


In "True Blood," vampire blood is used as a recreational drug called "V" which can heighten senses, give strength and cause hallucinations. Vampire blood, if ingested by a human, can help heal wounds.

Golden Eyes

The Cullens' eyes are shades of gold -- but they turn black when it's time to eat! (The dots are for future special effects.)

Big Bite

There is no physical change to "True Blood" vampires when they're hungry.

Blending In

The Cullen vampires attend high school and pretend to eat in order to fit in. Very few people know their true identity.

The Minority

In "True Blood," vampires live among people and are adjusting to life.

Animal Blood Only

The Cullens are vegetarians -- they won't kill humans.

Thirsty for Blood

Bill Compton, the main vampire in "True Blood," only drinks a synthetic drink labeled True Blood, which allows vampires to sustain life without drinking human blood.

Blurred Past

Some vampires in the "Twilight" saga do not remember their past lives as humans.

Past Identity

All of the vampires in "True Blood" remember their lives as humans.

Mind Reader

Edward can read human minds ­-- except for Bella's.

Sexy Vixen

Sookie, a non-vampire, can read the minds of both humans and vampires -- except her love, Bill.

Beautiful Bella

Edward is attracted to the shy Bella because of her innate goodness, his inability to read her mind and the way she smells.

Bill's Crush

Bill is drawn to the telepathic Sookie because she's different from other humans.

Cullen's Powers

Jasper Cullen can calm a room and Alice Cullen can predict the future.

'True' Glamour

Vampires in "True Blood" have the ability to "glamour" humans, similar to hypnosis.

Taylor's Transformation

Jacob, played by Taylor Lautner, can transform into a werewolf.

Never Been Seen

Werewolves exist in the world of "True Blood," but have yet to be seen onscreen. They've only been mentioned during conversations between characters.

The Narrator

"Twilight" is narrated by Bella.


"True Blood" does not have a narrator.

Burned at the Stake

In "Twilight," vampires are destroyed when their heads are torn off and their bodies are burned.

Killed with a Stake

In "True Blood," a vampire can be killed with a wooden stake. Vampires in "True Blood" cannot come into contact with silver -- it burns their skin.

Mythical Creatures

The "Twilight" vampires are considered a myth.

Very Real

In "True Blood," vampires have emerged as a specific group in the population.

Vamp Bite

In order to become a vampire in "Twilight," a human must be bitten and undergo days of transformation.

Tasty Blood

In order to become a vampire in "True Blood," a vampire would drink the blood of a human, who would then drink that same vampire's blood in return.

Hidden Fangs

In "Twilight," vampire fangs aren't outwardly visible.

Fang Flashers

In "True Blood," a vampire can choose when to show its fangs.

Natural Sense

In "Twilight," humans are naturally afraid of the Cullens --­ even though they're unaware they are vampires.

Assimilated Vamps

In "True Blood," the vampires are assimilated in society, though they're a minority.

Above the Influence

In "Twilight," Bella is impenetrable to vampire influence.


In "True Blood," Sookie cannot be glamoured by vampires.


"Twilight" vampires are nomads.

People Friendly

In "True Blood," vampires live in communities amongst humans.

Rule Enforcers

A coven of vampires, called the Volturi, reside in Italy and enforce the laws of the vampire world in "Twilight."

Vamp Regulated

In "True Blood," there are five vampire districts, each with a sheriff.

Soul Mate

"Twilight" vampires usually have a soul mate, i.e., Alice & Jasper, Emmett & Rosalie, Carlisle & Esme, etc.

Vampire Property

In "True Blood," when one vampire creates another vampire, they have control over them.

Werewolf Genes

In "Twilight," the werewolf genes only surface when vampires are near.

True Dog

In "True Blood," Sam Merlotte can control when he shifts into a dog -- except for Maryann, who has the power to command Sam to shift.


Vampires have to mimic human movements like breathing and fidgeting -- they'd otherwise be as still as stone.

Pale & Cold

Vampires are like humans in "True Blood," except they're deathly pale and cold.


The "Twilight" vampires don't sleep.

Underground Sleep

In "True Blood," vampires live off of True Blood and human blood, and require sleep underground to rejuvenate.

Super Strength & Speed

Vampires in "True Blood," as in "Twilight," have immeasurable strength and speed.