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Hollywood Beckons Beckham

Soccer star David Beckham is heading back to the City of Angels, ready to play for the L.A. Galaxy, but could an acting career be in the works, as well?

"Extra" got an exclusive sit down moment with Beckham, who is good friends with Tom Cruise, and asked if Cruise ever broached the idea of doing a movie together.

"No, he hasn't tempted me or asked me to be in any part of any of his films coming up," the soccer player laughed. "You never know, though."

But Becks says he wouldn't mind doing another underwear campaign. "It won't be for Armani, but there could be another campaign at some point."

Beckham missed playing for England at the World Cup due to an injury, but he had a blast hanging with Princes William and Harry.

"To be there laughing and joking with the Princes was a good laugh, actually. It was funny," Beckham said. And no, unfortunately, he didn't know anything about an upcoming royal wedding.