Trump on Steinbrenner: 'He Knew How to Win'

"Extra's" AJ Calloway caught up with real estate mogul Donald Trump to get his reaction to the death of his good friend, NY Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.

"George was the boss, and he was a great guy," Trump said. "More than anything, George Steinbrenner knew how to win. There was no one like him."

How did Steinbrenner influence the Donald? "He had such a big heart, was someone who'd take care of people. He had a strong heart. I always said, AJ, George will never really be appreciated 'til we no longer have him."

Trump also weighed in on the Mel Gibson scandal, disappointed in Mel, but also in Oksana for making that secret recording. "She was a disaster from the first time I saw her," Trump confessed. "I said, 'What the hell does he see in her?' She did a horrible thing -- and he said terrible things."

Trump had other current topics to talk about. What about Kate Gosselin doing "Celebrity Apprentice"? "Kate's terrific," Trump said. "Kate would be fantastic on 'Celebrity Apprentice' and we'll see. We are talking to her. We literally have five people to fill every slot. Everybody wants to be on it. If you look at what happened to Joan Rivers career, look at what happened with Trace Atkins, Piers Morgan -- all great people but their careers totally took off after they were on 'Celebrity Apprentice.' We have many many people that want to be on celebrity apprentice. But Kate would be very interesting."

And finally, Trump offers some advice to Lindsay Lohan: Come on "Celebrity Apprentice." "I think Lindsay should probably go on 'Celebrity Apprentice' frankly. We'll straighten her out very quickly. I spoke to her recently -- at the behest of her mother. Her mother really does care about her. I think her father does also. She's in trouble and she needs help -- there's no question about that. I hope she gets the help before its too late."