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Jenna Dewan Tatum: Beauty is Faux Skin Deep

Actress and model Jenna Dewan Tatum is baring a lot of skin to save animal skins!

Exotically transformed into a s-s-sexy snake for PETA's campaign to expose the cruelty of the exotic skins industry, Jenna exposes her painted assets to keep critters from being killed for fashion accessories.


"I couldn't believe that is what happens for a wallet or purse," says Jenna. "There's faux alligator, faux python... I think there're a lot of different things you can find -- you just have to ask."

Jenna has also teamed with Energy Muse to create men's and women's bracelets made of completely vegan materials, with a portion of the proceeds going to PETA to combat the exotic skins industry.

Victoria's Secret, H&M, Overstock.com, Cole Haan and Nike have all signed PETA's pledge promising never to sell exotic skins.

For more information, visit PETA.org.