Taylor Lautner Wants to Go Back to School

Hottie Taylor Lautner is happy to be part of the "Twilight" movie machine, but he'd still like to go back to college at some point.


"I finished high school and enrolled in my local community college," Lautner told "Extra" at the New York premiere of "Eclipse." "I got 10 credits out of the way. Ever since 'Twilight' hit, it's been a little busy. So if I'm not working, then I'll be doing school."

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It's not like Lautner is stopping work anytime soon, though. "I've been waiting to film 'Abduction' for a while, and I head to Pittsburgh tomorrow to begin. I'm very excited. That will be for about three months and take me straight into the 'Breaking Dawn' films. So I guess my summer vacation will be in Pittsburgh," the actor laughed.