Jermaine Jackson Supports Chris Brown

Singer Chris Brown's emotional performance at the 2010 BET Awards, in which he paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson, moved many people -- including Jackson's brother, Jermaine.

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To see [Chris'] performance, it was very emotional for me because it was an acceptance from his fans from what has happened to him and also paying tribute to my brother," Jermaine told "Extra" at the awards show. "It was just a spectacular moment."

"He deserves to perform because it's healing for him. How can he learn from his mistakes if you don't give him a chance? He needs that. I love Rihanna, and I'm not supporting what he did, but I support him [as a singer] 100%."

Jermaine continued. "I'm just very emotional just knowing what has happened. Chris Brown is a human being and we all make mistakes. We can't condemn him for what has happened. We hope he has learned from it."

"The woman is very, very precious. The woman is who give us life. It's very important that we treasure our women. I know he knows that now."