Robert Redford Exclusive: Oil Spill Was 'Inevitable'

"Extra" sat down with longtime environmental activist Robert Redford for an exclusive interview regarding the Gulf oil spill disaster.

"To me, it was inevitable," Redford told "Extra's" Jerry Penacoli. "It breaks my heart for [the victims]. They did not deserve this."

Redford thinks this could be a chance for President Obama to make a difference in his presidency. "Grab this moment in history and get a decent energy policy," the actor suggested.

He continued, "I sympathize with Obama because he has a lot to handle all of a sudden, but I think right now there's a moment in our history where he can grab leadership and run with it."

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Redford's seizing his own moment, calling for a renewable energy campaign. "You can't get rid of oil, we're going to need to work with oil for some time, but eventually it's going to go out and where will we be if we haven't planned for something that's going to be sustainable?"

For more information and ways to help, here are some websites:

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