Exclusive! Jake on Vienna: 'She Didn't Give Me Any Respect'

In "Extra's" exclusive interview with "Bachelor" Jake Pavelka, he set the record straight on why he and Vienna split.

"Like any relationship, you know, you have problems," Jake told to "Extra's" Mario Lopez. "You're two different people. You have to work things out."

"When I got down on one knee I meant it," the "Bachelor" star confessed. "I loved her and was willing to fight for her. In my opinion, you really don't break up until you're ready to about kill each other -- or you sell the other person out."

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What about the rumors about their sex life, or lack thereof? "You know when you first fall in love, you've got that puppy love, and you just reach up and grab the girl," Jake explained. "Every relationship goes through that and then it ends. Then it's built on love and trust, romance and compassion. And respect. There was a serious lack of respect in the relationship. When you're disrespected as a man, do you really want to grab your woman, throw her on a bed and love on her? It doesn't make you want to do that."

He continued, "Obviously, there was a lack of intimacy in our relationship."

Lopez pointed out Vienna said all the affection Jake showed her was just for the camera. "I'm not going to even justify that with a comment. It's just a hurtful statement to throw out there. I'm absolutely not going to get into a 'he said, she said'."

Jake does think jealousy also was a big part of the break up. "Vienna loved the limelight, and she was extremely jealous that wonderful things were happening to me. I was including her as much as I possibly could."

Does Jake have the ring back? "I have the ring, I have the ring," and he doesn't see any chance of a reconciliation. "No. I love her, but I'm not in love with her. I can forgive, but it's going to take awhile to forget."