'Extra' Stuff: 20 Facts About Kristen Stewart

Did you know that Kristen Stewart's eyes are naturally green, but she wears brown contacts for the "Twilight" films? Were you aware that she was a natural blonde?

"Extra" has complied a list of 20 facts about the "Twilight" starlet! Take a bite!

20 Fun Facts About Kristen Stewart

1. Eye Appealing

Kristen wore brown contact lenses for her role as Bella in "Twilight" -- her eyes are naturally green.

2. Nickname

Kristen's nickname is KStew.

3. Science Fiction Fan

One of Kristen's favorite science fiction authors is Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

4. Animal Lover

Kristen has three dogs and one cat named Jella -- which coincidentally rhymes with her "Twilight" character Bella.

5. Family Business

Kristen's mother, Jules Mann-Stewart, makes her directorial debut with "K-11" -- starring Kristen.

6. Joan Jett

Kristen as Joan Jett in the biopic "The Runaways."

7. Brunette Babe

Kristen's fans favored the star as a brunette; 78% to 22% -- according to an online poll.

8. 'Twilight'

Kristen had never read Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series until she landed the role of Bella Swan.

9. Kristen's Pick

Stewart claims to have "basically cast" Robert Pattinson in the role of Edward Cullen.

10. Good Friends

Kristen and "Twilight" co-star Nikki Reed are real-life friends.

11. Tomboy

Kristen is not only the youngest in her family, but is also the only daughter -- which may explain her laid-back, tomboy style.

12. On Again, Off Again

Kristen's ex-beau is "Will & Grace" actor Michael Angarano.

13. Kristen and Emile

Kristen Stewart was recommended for the "Twilight" role of Bella by "Into the Wild" costar Emile Hirsch. Hirsch had previously worked with the vampire flick's director Catherine Hardwicke on "Lords of Dogtown."

14. Kristen and Rob's Last Tango

Kristen Stewart and "Twilight" costar Robert Pattinson used "Last Tango in Paris" as the inspiration for their onscreen romance.

15. Pet Werewolf

Kristen Stewart's family has pet wolves!

16. Blackbird Blues

Kristen Stewart sang and played guitar in "Into the Wild." During her audition with director Sean Penn, "I played Blackbird, and I botched it. But he called me later and said, 'Do you want to do this?' And I was like-'yeah!'" she told The Detroit News.

17. Risky New Role

To prepare for a role as a stripper in indie the flick "Welcome to the Rileys," Kristen Stewart learned how to pole dance by visiting a New Orleans strip club. "I danced on the bar there three nights this week, and my legs are covered in bruises," she told EW.

18. Comic Cutie

Stewart is set to appear in her own comic book. The 32-page booklet is due to hit U.S. stores in June 2010.

19. Born Blonde

Stewart is a natural blonde, but dyed her hair brown for the role of Bella Swan.

20. Jury Duty

After the release of "New Moon," Kristen Stewart was called to serve on a Los Angeles jury.The case proceedings took three days and ended with the jury finding the defendant not guilty.