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'Extra' Catches All the Stars at the NBA Finals!

What's an L.A. Lakers championship game without all the Hollywood A-listers in attendance?

"Extra's" Lauren Sanchez was at the NBA Final game between the Lakers and the Celtics, and she chatted with the stars before the game. Check out the photos!

Andy Garcia was excited -- and a little tongue-tied. "We're ready to play. I mean, I'm not playing. They're ready to play," he corrected himself.

Jeremy Piven added, "I think it's all gonna happen!" And happen it did! The Lakers won yet another championship after a nail-biting Game 7, beating the Celtics 83-79.

"I made pants that I can only wear here," George Lopez laughed, showing Sanchez his colorful plaid pants. "This only works here." Sanchez replied, "I don't even know if that works here!! But it works on you!"

Ryan Seacrest had a different experience. "I got trapped in the elevator with the Celtics at their hotel. It was me and all the Celtics, and I was intimidated by that."

For other celebs, it was a sort of date night. David Arquette and his wife, Courteney Cox, were there -- although sitting with other people. Cox was hanging out with actress Laura Dern, while Arquette sat with his friends. "She's sitting with her girl. I'm sitting with my homie," Arquette explained.

Die-hard Lakers fan Dyan Cannon wouldn't have given up this opportunity for all the money in the world. "I hear some people are selling their seats for up to $50,000." Sanchez asked, "If someone offered you $50,000 would you give up your seat?" Cannon answered, "Not for a minute."

Congratulations, L.A. Lakers!