Tom Cruise Makes Filmmaking a Family Affair

When movie star Tom Cruise makes a movie, he wants his family with him.

"When we're making movies, I always make it so that family is there," Cruise told "Extra's" A.J. Calloway, while Cruise and his "Knight & Day" co-star Cameron Diaz were in Austria, promoting their new action/comedy.

Do the kids like seeing dad doing all those crazy stunts? "Yeah, they enjoy it. Suri would be like, 'That was good, Dad.' And she's got the headphones on. She watches every take."

"You know what, she's got an incredible imagination," the proud papa gushed. "In between takes she'd set up a bakery, and I be like, 'What do we have today?' It's just that imagination and that's making movies."

"I think with Tom there are two things, his family and movies," Cameron confirmed. "Those are the two passions of his life," adding, "I learned so much from him every day about just how he really does look for every opportunity to make the movie better."

Cruise admires Diaz as well. "Working with Cameron is incredible. You have to have a partner in something like this."