Why Diet Soda Isn't the Answer

"Extra" Lifechanger Dr. Huizenga tells us the reasons why diet soda isn't the answer to weight loss. Hear his full answer in the video below!

Meet Dr. Huizenga's newest patient Amy Hopper. She wants to lose weight and gain back 10 years on her life! Check back on her status.

Is Your Weight Killing You?

The Candidate


-Amy is a former college soccer player and homecoming queen.

-She's now a stay-at-home mom and says she doesn't make enough time for herself. She never thought she would get this big.

The Assessment

-over 50 lab tests
-200 gene test
-Four different types of body fat analysis
-Stress test
-Medical exam with multifaceted history augmenting risk factor assessments

Test Results

Weight:198 lbs

Waist Size: 47

Body fat:46%

Mid section body fat: 53%

History of heart disease and cancer in immediate family.

Weight caused these problems:
-High Cholesterol
-High blood pressure
-Swollen ankles

Risk is 1 in 100 for heart attack and stroke in next five years. Should be less than 1 in 1000

Dr. Huizenga message to Amy: "By having this excess weight and throwing away ten years of your life."

Biggest Loser Know Your Number: Age 50

Amy's Body Scan

red = muscle

yellow = fat

Amy's Program

An exercise based program to lose fat not muscle!

Lose 1% of her body weight per week for approximately 26 weeks.

One 1/2 to two hours of exercise a day.

Only 1,300 calories a day.

Initial Diet consists of:
-Lean proteins
-Fresh vegetables
-Fresh fruits

Amy's Goals

Get back 10 years of life expectancy!

-Weight: 138 lbs (from 198 lbs)

-Body Fat:25% (from 46%)

-Waist: 36 (from 47)

-Know Your Number Age: 40

Dr. Huizenga's Tips

Dr. Huizenga says your ideal body fat should be:


Men: 12-20%

The Tips

-Start with a medical check up to make sure you can physically handle the program.

-Rigorous exercise.

-Fresh produce and lean proteins.

-Count calories.

-Get a group of people to commit to losing weight with you.

-Don't starve yourselfYou need kindling to burn logs. Translation: You need some carbs in order to burn fat.

-No alcohol until you reach your ideal weight.

-No sodas, not even diet soda.

To check your body fat

Check for bod pod or iDXA testing sites in your area.

At home: Measure waist parallel to floor at belly button

All these tips are also available in Dr. Huizenga's book "Where Did All the Fat Go? The WOW Prescription to Reach Your Ideal Weight and Stay There."