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Brooke Mueller Exclusive: 'I'm Looking Forward to the Future'

At the 9th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball Saturday, "Extra" spoke exclusively with Brooke Mueller, who attended her first public event since the domestic scuffle with her husband, Charlie Sheen, last Christmas.

Not wearing her wedding ring, Mueller spoke openly and told "Extra's" Terri Seymour, "Mentally, I feel really clear and spiritually, I feel really connected. I'm doing good."

Over the past few months, dealing with rehab and living apart from Sheen, Mueller says she's learned to "put my priorities straight, and to focus on doing the next right thing in front of me. As long as I do the next right thing, I'll be all right."

Her top priority is taking care of 1-year-old twins, Bob and Max. "They're fabulous. They're just so perfect, I love them so much," Mueller gushed. "I hope to be the best mother I could be. Everything else is secondary."

She is also concentrating on doing things she loves to do: "I'm hiking, listening to music, reading, going to bed early -- and waking up early and just being healthy. And juicing. I love my juice bar." And when it gets really bad, she just "gets out of town."

However, she has said that she is ready to go back to work and has "a few opportunities" on her plate. "There are one or two that look really interesting, really interesting. I'm looking forward to the future," she said.