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Mo'Nique: Stand-Up Comedy Is What She Does

Mo'Nique is now an Academy Award-winning actress, but comedy is her first love -- and always will be.

"This is what I do," the funnylady told "Extra" in an exclusive backstage interview at her one-woman comedy show. "People say now you're a dramatic actress and you won this Oscar -- and what -- are you going on the road? I'm a comedian who an Oscar. I can't give this up because this is what got me there."

Plus, there's her love for dropping the f-bombs! "Motherf***er is like the best word ever in the world. You can say it all kinds of ways, all kinds of ways. Do you hear what I'm saying? You can say it with love, okay?"

She even weighed in on Tiger Woods. "I don't think Tiger Woods owed anybody an apology. How come the other women didn't have to apologize? They knew Tiger had a tigress. They knew there was a Mrs. Tony the Tiger Woods at home, but nobody asked for their apology. Tiger, I love you. Get them 18 holes, hit all of them!"