'Extra' Exclusive: Simon Cowell After the Show

As "American Idol" king Simon Cowell walked off the "Idol" set for the last time on Wednesday, "Extra's" Terri Seymour got an exclusive backstage interview.

Toasting with champagne, Seymour congratulated Cowell on nine seasons, to which he replied, "And it's gone like that. Snap."

He admitted he did get emotional, especially when former judge and old pal Paula Abdul appeared on stage. "Typical Paula, she comes in and she steals the show," Cowell laughed.

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In her sendoff, Abdul gave the real reason she left the show. "After eight years of sitting between two men with bigger boobs than me, I had enough."

"She's funny," Cowell said. "And when you watch those clips back of the two of us... one minute we liked each other. Then we were fighting. It wouldn't have been the same night without her."

The rest of the judging panel all gave their support and said how much they are going to miss him and will always feel his presence. "I'm not dying here," the TV mogul quipped. "I'm just leaving the show and coming back next year on another one. Seriously, we all ended up getting along really well this year."

"The reason I didn't thank anyone individually is you're always going to leave someone out. I've been lucky, really lucky and have worked with some genuinely nice people."