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'Survivor' Producer Leaves Mexico, Seeks Custody of Kids

Bruce Beresford-Redman, the former "Survivor" producer whose wife was murdered in Mexico over a month ago, has mysteriously returned to the US without a passport and may be waging a custody battle for his two young children.

Bruce and Monica Beresford-Redman

Beresford returned to California this weekend after being detained in Mexico as a "person of interest" ever since the body of his wife, Monica, was found in a sewer on April 8.

His lawyer tells TMZ that the TV producer hasn't been charged with a crime, and did not need permission to leave Mexico. His passport is apparently still in possession of the Mexican officials -- how he got across the border is still a mystery.

Beresford also has a legal right to custody of his two children, but Monica's sister, Carla Ferreira-Burgos, is going to fight her brother-in-law for custody. "I don't think someone suspected of killing their mother should be in charge of the kids," she said.

The two children are currently living with Beresford's parents, who have temporary guardianship.