Julia Roberts Admires Her Kids' 'Angelic' Outlook on Life

Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts doesn't want to boast or anything, but she says she's got the most "wondrous" and "heavenly" kids ever.

julia roberts

While visiting "Oprah" on Monday, Roberts explained how her adorable fraternal twins, Hazel Patricia and Phinnaeus 'Finn' Walter, 5, and Henry Daniel, 2, wake up every morning with a sense of wonder that "fascinates" the actress.

"My favorite thing is just watching them wake up and watching them realize the day come upon them. It's fascinating to me," adding, "Henry woke up the other morning and said, 'It's a beautiful day, Mama,' which makes 5:30 a.m. a whole lot prettier."

Roberts is continually amazed by their innocence. "That's the thing about being new to the world, you're just so ... impressed with everything," she notes. "The older you get, the grumpier you get."

She also gives a lot of credit to her husband, Danny Moder. "I sort of worship my husband ... He really takes my breath away."

Roberts stars in the upcoming romantic dramedy "Eat, Love, Pray," based on the best-selling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. Check out our 2010 Summer Movie Guide!