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Judge to Lindsay Lohan: SCRAM!

Alas, the partying days of Lindsay Lohan have come to an abrupt, if not anticipated end.

lindsay lohan in court

The older-looking young starlet, wearing new and very dark hair color, was ordered to refrain from drinking and drugs by Judge Marsha Revel during a Beverly Hills court hearing on Monday morning, following LiLo's tardy return from Cannes due to a "lost passport."

In order for Lindsay to remain free on bail, she must wear a SCRAM ankle bracelet within 24 hours (it's not the first time she's worn one) and submit to random drug/alcohol tests. She must also attend weekly AA classes.

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Lohan will need to remain in the Los Angeles area, which will interfere with the shooting her next film in Texas. When her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, tried to object to the conditions, Judge Revel said she would state why she believed the conditions were appropriate. Holley then backed off and the objection was dropped.

Another court date is scheduled for July 6. If it is determined that Lindsay has violated her probation in any way, she could face up to 180 days in jail.