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Bret Michaels Almost Didn't Make It to 'Apprentice' Finale

"Celebrity Apprentice" winner Bret Michaels was going to attend the season finale no matter what.

"Coming in, I asked the pilots if they could touch down in Nashville," Michaels admitted to "Extra." "I said 'I'm really feeling kinda sick' and my head was hurting."

"I sat there for about an hour, and I felt great and we got back in the plane and came here."

"Apprentice" king Donald Trump said doctors wanted the rocker to stay in California. "They didn't want him on a live show for two hours, but he really displayed great courage."

In the end, both Michaels and his fellow finalist Holly Robinson Peete won a quarter million dollars for their diabetes and autism charities, respectively.

"I'm not only fighting for myself. I'm fighting for my daughter, Rain, who's now borderline diabetic."

Michaels' medical woes are not over yet. He will soon have surgery to repair a hole in his heart. The whole experience has been very sobering for the rocker.

"One of the guys who was in the hospital that had the same thing I did, the same night I did -- he didn't make it and that was, for me, pretty scary, but I can't live thinking about it," Michaels said.

"I will take precautions," the singer continued. "But I can't stop living... that's my thing... I can't be one of those guys thinking about every day what could've happened."

Michaels returns to the concert stage Friday and will star in a new VH-1 series. "This is a good life. I'm gonna rock it, while I'm here."