Sharon Stone Looking for the Love of Her Life

Actress and single mom Sharon Stone isn't giving up on finding the right guy.

"I'm still waiting for the love of my life," Stone tells "Extra" on the set of "Law and Order: SVU," on which she is guest-starring. "I want to find someone who is genuine, decent and likes me and my children."

In fact, Stone points to her parents as role models. "My parents were married for 60 years," she said. "They had chemistry. My father [who passed away last year] was in and out of consciousness. But on the day he died, he opened his eyes and asked my mother to give him a kiss. [Tearing up] I want that. It's a high bar, but that's what I want."

What's her tip for looking so great? "Clean living, inside and out. That's the best thing you can do for yourself," Stone explains. "Put good, clean things in and on yourself. And have a good, clean sense of yourself. And live a happy life!"