'Extra Lean' Testimonies

"Extra's" Mario Lopez put our staff to the "Extra Lean" challenge. Check out who lost 20 pounds in seven weeks!

"Extra Lean" Testimonies

Mary Eileen Prise

Betty (Petitti) Petitt

Bernadette Ceron

Reggie Rutherford

Erin Kane

I had a great experience on the EXTRA Lean Challenge. The eating plan was not that far off from how I normally ate - but I actually learned to eat MORE!! Having snacks throughout the day had been great in curbing my cravings for unhealthy snacks. One of the aspects that I liked best about the plans was that NO food groups were eliminated from the plan! I could enjoy everything that I like but focused more on portion control! Some of my favorite recipes from the book are the guacamole and chicken salad, cous cous with chicken, quinoa salad just to name a few. I also loved all of the suggested snacks throughout the day-cottage cheese and walnuts, rice cake with peanut butter, energy mix and frozen grape (my all-time favorite snack). Although I did not lose any pounds on the scale I have seen some really significant changes. I stepped up my workout plan while doing the "Extra Lean" Challenge and had some really great results. In the past few weeks I lost a total of 13.25 overall inches, lost 5.4% body fat (body fat lost in pounds 8.59). I would recommend the "Extra Lean" book for everyone-if I can do this anyone can!

Mary Eileen Prise

On the "Extra Lean" plan I lost 20 pounds and hoping to lose more. I'm still not to my goal weight. My favorite recipe was definitely the mac and cheese. YUM! I learned a bunch of stuff on "Extra Lean." Here are a few things: Eat every 3 hours, you need to constantly put fuel on the fire to keep you body running. I learned about calories and how many calories are in each food item. I know this sounds stupid, but I never really understood the correlation between calories and weight gain before. I learned about portion sizes the pictures from the book were great, a spatula head is 3 or 4 oz of protein. I learned that every meal should consist of healthy fats, carbs, and protein; which again I didn't realize. I learned some great "quick" exercises like planks and squats against the wall... I've already noticed a tremendous difference in my arms and legs just from doing a set of 5 for as many seconds I can do it, and every day try to increase even by 1 second. This was definitely an amazing experience and have been recommending the book to everyone I know.

Reah Chiu

I lost 8 lbs so far from 145lbs to 137lbs. I have many favorite recipes, but the best ones are probably the quinoa salad and the mushroom zucchini pizza because they're easy and fast to make. The mac and cheese recipe is great as well. I feel like I have learned a lot from "Extra Lean." I learned that it's not about depriving yourself of any food but more about eating smaller portions of it. It's about eating fresh and non-processed food so that not only am I feeling better physically, but also have a healthier mental state of mind because I know what I am putting into my body is good for me and will give me energy.

Bernadette Ceron

Lost 13 pounds and two pant sizes! Favorite recipe: Guacamole Salad with Chicken I have learned more about portion control and that snacking the proper foods helps to curve cravings.I don't have to fill up my plate to be satisfied. Overall, it has been a great learning experience and I hope to carry on these habits I have learned from "Extra Lean" into the future.

Jessica Gonzales

I lost 12 lbs. My favorite recipe was the turkey and black bean burrito. I learned that eating small portions and eating often is filling. Making time for cooking is not only better for you than processed food, but it's fun!

Lia Smith

I am happy to say I lost 7 pounds. It would have been more, but I still haven't found the time for the exercise part. My fav recipe's (not just one) are Baked Chicken Cutlets, Quinoa salad, Zucchini and Mushroom pizza's to name a few. I had so much fun sharing lunches with my Red Team! I even enjoyed Jimmy Pena's 15 min workout. It hurt so good if you can believe that. I say I worked out for an hour in that 15 mins. My family and I are still trying to live "Extra Lean." It's a really fresh, clean way to eat and I feel better when I eat that way now. Thanks Mario, Jimmy, Red Team and "Extra Lean"!

Omar Lugones

Unfortunately, I only lost 5 lbs. My favorite recipe was the mac and cheese. I learned you can do it if you stick to it, but you've gotta stick to it.

Melissa Abercrombie

I lost 5 lbs. Love the veggie chili and the mushroom and squash pizza. I learned it's all about portion control. Not to give up on taste just cut down on portion. It's a food plan that can last a lifetime.