Jump on the 'Greek' Tour Bus!

"Extra's" Terri Seymour got the ride of her life when she recently toured London in a bus with "Get Him to the Greek" stars Jonah Hill and Russell Brand.

Brand pointed out some of the hotspots -- well, at least hot to him. "I used to go to a brothel there. I got beat up there!"

"I got arrested there, trying to break into London Zoo," the comic Brit continued. "And they arrested me and I had marijuana in my pocket."

Hill was just interested in the food. "Oh look, TGI Fridays!"

Brand reprises his "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" role as bad boy rock star Aldous Snow in "Greek," which he admits is not that far from who he is in real life. "He took drugs, I took drugs. He was into sex, I was into sex. He's got this haircut!"

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Next stop for the boys is New York. "We gotta go, we'll see you guys in New York City," Brand hurries his co-star along. "We better leave, Jonah!"

"Get Him to the Greek" opens June 4.

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