Ke$ha: Rockin' Out Naked!

What gets Ke$ha's creative juices flowing? Shedding her clothes and listening to classic rock.

"Extra" caught up with the eccentric pop singer at the KIIS FM's Wango Tango concert Saturday and asked what inspires her.

"So many people inspire me. But I have to say, usually when I listen to music, I lock myself in my room, get naked and put on my mom's old records like Bob Dylan, the Stones, David Bowie and Queen."

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But she takes all the musical competition in stride. "There are so many artists, and I know I personally have like a million ideas a day," the singer explained. "So it's inevitable that we're all gonna have a few similar ideas. It's just life. I mean, look back through at the history of music. I just think that it's important to let people be who they are and see what happens and not crucify them if it's similar or different."