Eddie Murphy: The Lonely Donkey

Comedian Eddie Murphy admits he's lost his "swag."

"My daughters are escorting me, because I am the most pitiful man in Hollywood," Murphy told "Extra" at the "Shrek Forever After" premiere. "I have no date to be with me. Oh, I've lost my swag."

But Murphy isn't opposed to doing another "Shrek," even if "Shrek Forever After" is tagged as the last chapter in the popular franchise.

"I'd be up for 'One Shrek Too Many,' that could be the title," Murphy joked. "The donkey is cool. I should've come in the donkey suit then maybe I could get a date, if I had on the donkey costume."

There's one person on the green carpet who had a date -- "Shrek's" Puss-in-Boots Antonio Banderas, who brought wife Melanie Griffith with him.

"Two days ago was our wedding anniversary, and we have been 15 years together," Banderas gushed.