Teri Hatcher Teases Some 'Housewives' Finale Tidbits!

It's going to be a really wild night on Wisteria Lane with Sunday's "Desperate Housewives" finale -- and no one knows that better than its star, Teri Hatcher!

Teri Hatcher

"You got Lynette locked in the house with a killer," Hatcher told host Mario Lopez when she stopped by the "Extra" set. "You got Susan potentially moving off Wisteria Lane. You've got Bree being blackmailed with her entire life's work and you've got Gabby, your friend, always glamorously helping out someone, who is about to blow things up."

And this is what Hatcher's co-stars have to say about it:

Marcia Cross: "Oh, death on Wisteria Lane!"
Felicity Huffman: "Very dramatic!"
Eva Longoria: "Really a fun episode!"

Hatcher laughs at her castmates' very generic descriptions. "That sort of covered it. Death, dramatic and fun!"

Besides starring on her hit show, Hatcher has also launched a website,, which is a lifestyle guide for "chicks."

"It's a chick's guide to life now. Isn't that a cool phrase? A chick to me is really empowered, someone who has something to say," Hatcher explains.

To find out more info, go to

Check out "Extra" raw video with Teri! And watch the finale this Sunday, May 16 at 9/8c on ABC.