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Bono Wants U2 Know about HIV Treatment

U2 frontman Bono wants to educate people about the HIV virus, especially those suffering from the disease in Africa.

"When you understand how simple it is to beat the virus ... two pills a day is all it takes and presto! You're Magic Johnson," the rocker explains to "Extra" at the premiere of the HBO documentary "The Lazarus Effect."

The film gathers a diverse group of stars who are raising awareness about AIDS patients in Africa and how to get them the proper medication.

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Bono says that that is all it costs to get the right treatment. "Forty cents a day, isn't that maddening? I've seen what it does when people don't get the medicine in time."

The activist singer also teamed up with various big companies, including Nike and Apple, urging consumers to buy items that that are "Product RED."

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"We're not even asking people for money, just these great companies, who will pay for the pills," says Bono. "But it makes me what I am... a pain in the arse rock star, bothering you to buy red products."