Andrew Young Reacts to Rielle Hunter's 'Oprah' Interview

Former John Edwards aide Andrew Young responded to Rielle Hunter's interview with Oprah.

Andrew Young

When asked about the way Edwards' mistress intimates that she and Edwards still have a relationship, Young replied, "I heard repeatedly from very good sources that they bought her a half-a-million-dollar house that she never moved into... and part of the reason that she never moved into it -- there were a number of stipulations."

Young also debunks Hunter's claim it was his idea to say Hunter and Edwards' love child, Quinn, was his.

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"John called me and asked us to do this," Young says. "He developed a very meticulous plan. It was his idea from the get-go. It's absurd to say that I could pull off this multi-million-dollar scheme. It's nonsense, it's a lie."

And then there's the sex tape Hunter says was stolen by Young. "The sex tape she left at our house, the house that she shared with us for 3-4 weeks," Young claims. "She left that there for over a year, and it was more than a year-and-a-half before she made any type of claim for it whatsoever. She abandoned it and left it as trash."