Meet the 'Extra Lean' Red Team!

"Extra Lean" Red Team Bios

Tammi Fuller

• Senior Supervising Producer/Lifechangers for "Extra"
• I am a single mom struggling with my weight my whole life — aiming for pre-baby weight, which I have not seen in 17 years!
• I like yoga, rollerblading, hiking and playing in nature.

Melissa Abercrombie

• Associate Director for "Extra"
• Married with two kids, 6 and 21-months
• I have two dogs, two cats and two guinea pigs

Reah Chiu

• Associate Director for "Extra"
• Single gal
• I am a major foodie and most people I eat with always lets me do the ordering.

Lia Smith

• Executive Assistant to "Extra's" Senior Executive Producer, Lisa Gregorisch
• Married 23 years and has three daughters and two cats.
• I am a JOAT MON (Jackie of All Trades Master of Non)
• My family loves to do volunteer work.
• I once danced in an eight foot banana costume.

Dena Goldsmith

• I am the Internship Coordinator (Den Mother) and Receptionist (Professional Seat Warmer) for "Extra."
• I am madly in love with a wonderful man who lives on the other side of the pond.
• I tell painfully long stories!So I am writing them all down rather then torturing my friends and family.

David Harrison

Associate Producer for "Extra"

Reggie Rutherford

• Extra Stage Coordinator
• Created a Christian board game called "The Walk"
• Enjoys listening to books on tape