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Tiger Woods May Have a Hole in Wallet: $500 Mil Divorce?

In the continuing will they or won't they divorce saga, Tiger Woods stands to lose $500-$600 million in the settlement, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

tiger woods and elin nordegren

A source close to Elin Nordegren says she has been having ''round-the-clock'' conversations with several lawyers -- both in her native Stockholm and in the U.S.

The Swedish model's main concern is making sure the couple's two children are well taken care of and never in danger of losing their inheritance if Tiger were to remarry. She's also ''locking-in'' specific times when she can live in Sweden with the kids.

See photos of Tiger and Elin in happier times.

Elin is reportedly looking to buy a house in Scottsdale, AZ, as a permanent U.S. residence. Apparently, the home in Windemere, FL, "has way too many unhappy memories for her."