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Rosie Doesn't Find Trump Riveting

Talk show host Rosie O'Donnell stayed clear of Donald Trump when they both attended a recent event in New York.

"Extra" caught up with O'Donnell and her 15-year-old son, Parker, at the premiere of Green Day's Broadway musical "American Idiot" -- and pointed out to her that Trump was also in attendance.

"Okay, lemme just do this," she said, taking the publicity sheet and putting an X through Trump's picture. "There we go, that's a little bit better... Just remind him that my children are here and he should go easy with the 'Oh she's fat, disgusting and gay comments,'" Rosie added.

Gesturing to her son, who was bristling at the mention of Trump's name, Rosie said, "He's really been wanting to come face­-to-face with him. I'm hoping tonight's not the night!"

In reality, O'Donnell has never spoken with Trump. "I went to his wedding and I shook in his hand, but I've never spoken to the guy in actual real life."