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Katherine Heigl Fighting for Jewelry

When actress Katherine Heigl has a fight with her hubby, Josh Kelley, she gets beautiful jewelry as makeup gift. Sweet!

"Extra" caught up with Heigl at New York's ASPCA Bergh Ball event, and she showed off her earrings. "We had a fight and he had to make up to me and buy me something nice!" Heigl exclaimed.

The actress was being honored at the event for her charity work with animals. "We were always raised with a lot of animals. Two or three dogs, two cats, hamsters -- sometimes a rat."

Now that she's done with "Grey's Anatomy," Heigl is enjoying her time with her 16-month-old daughter -- except when she manipulates mommy.

"She already knows how to emotionally manipulate me and it's horrible. She's 16 months!" Heigl confessed. "No one has ever dominated me emotionally! It sucks!"