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What Kate Gosselin Wants You to Know

"Extra's" Mario Lopez sat down with the mom of eight to get the scoop on her ugly custody battle with ex hubby Jon Gosselin, and on her new book, "I Just Want You to Know."

Kate Gosselin's gig on "Dancing with the Stars" has prompted Jon to file for primary custody of their eight children, accusing Kate of being an absentee mom.

When asked what an ideal custody situation would be, Kate said, "Our custody schedule, I think it has worked, you know, for us up until this point. Jon is their father, I am their mother. They need to see us both and all I want is peace."

With Jon currently unemployed, the reality mom does her part to provide for their children. "I can only take responsibility for my part of the situation," she tells Mario. "I work as though it falls solely on myself whether it does or doesn't."

Gosselin's new book, "I Just Want You to Know," is not only about her kids, she says it's for them. The book features a collection of letters Kate wrote to each one of them and memories she's shared with her ex.

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