Chad Ochocinco: 'I'm Off the Market'

"Extra" caught up with all the stars after Monday night's "Dancing with the Stars" taping to get the gossip on Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke's rumored romance, and about Erin Andrews' frightening death threats.

chad ochocinco and cheryl burke

"I'm off the market," Chad Ochocinco half jokingly tells "Extra." He even gave dance partner Cheryl Burke a $15,000 diamond stunner!

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"It kind of looks like an engagement ring, doesn't it?" Burke said, adding fuel to the rumors.

Another rumored couple, Erin Andrews and Maksim Chmerkovskiy gave a moving performance Monday night -- despite death threats targeting Andrews. But she's getting support from her fellow contestants.

"I was with my sister crying about stuff... all of a sudden I opened my email and there's an e-mail from Pam Anderson," said Andrews. "She just said, 'Hey, I"m so sorry. I'm here for you. Here's my cell phone number. Let me know anything. I will come get you."

Kate Gosselin is also rallying around Erin, telling her, "The best way to combat it is don't ever let them see you sweat. And do not let them win."