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Dr. Drew Isn't Sure Jesse James Is a 'Sex Addict'

"Extra's" Lifechangers expert and addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinksy doesn't believe Jesse James has the same problem as Tiger Woods.

Dr. Drew Pinsky

"I'm not convinced James is a sex addict," Dr. Drew says. "It's not as obvious as somebody who really hurts a family they've established and would like to change, but can't."

"I bet you he doesn't feel like it's out of control," he added. "I bet you he doesn't feel deep shame about it."

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Apparently, James feels he might have a problem; he recently admitted himself to a 45-day treatment program in Arizona -- which may also repair his marriage to Sandra Bullock.

"Well, it certainly is a page out of Tiger's book to go to treatment," Dr. Drew explains, but questions his motives. "I'm not sure Jesse has hit bottom. Not sure he'll have suffered enough to really participate in sex addiction treatment on a daily basis the way someone like Tiger truly would."