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Custody Battle Brewing for Padma Lakshmi and Baby Daddy Dell

"Top Chef" hostess Padma Lakshmi gave birth to a healthy baby girl last month, now things are heating up between Padma and the rumored-to-be father, Adam Dell.

padma lakshmi

Adam, younger brother of Dell Computers Founder and CEO Michael Dell, isn't trying to negotiate visitation with the child (named Krishna), reports Page Six. Dell has hired attorney Bill Zabel to help him win a much larger role in his daughter's life.

The high-end lawyer has represented everyone from billionaire George Soros to Howard Stern. A source close to Lakshmi said, "If Dell has changed his mind, that's his problem. They [Lakshmi and Dell] already have an agreement."

Padma was married to author Salman Rushdie from 2004 to 2007.