Celebs Sound-Off on Cheating Epidemic at 'Married Too' Premiere

"Extra" caught up with Janet Jackson, Gayle King and Tyler Perry at the NYC premiere of "Why Did I Get Married Too?"

With the future of Sandra Bullock's marriage still up in the air, stars offered their two cents on Hollywood's cheating epidemic.

"Once trust is violated you can't get it back. It's really difficult to trust again... That's the hardest part of it," said Perry.

Gayle King seemed to take the news about Sandra Bullock a little harder, telling "Extra's" AJ Calloway, "You would have thought the way I took the news that Jesse James had cheated on me."

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When asked why men cheat, Jackson was just as confused as everyone. "Don't ask me because every marriage I've ever had... was done very quietly ha ha ha!"

Jackson adds that she might consider getting married again. "There was a time I thought that I wouldn't, but part of me is starting to change... and not that it's to validate... but it's that true connection."

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