Andrew Young: John Edwards Had 'Several Women'

Former Senator John Edwards may have the same problem as Tiger Woods -- multiple mistresses.

Andrew Young

Edwards' former aide Andrew Young has been making the rounds this week with interviews, and over at The Daily Beast, he admitted Edwards had had "several women" during the nine years Young worked for Edwards.

"I was one of those ones that turned a blind eye, I didn't want to see some of the things that I saw," Young told The Daily Beast. "But after I became his absolute confidant, he told me about a lot of things."

"There were several women that he told me about," Young continued. "It's something looking back that I should have been suspicious of, and like when were staying in hotels together he would go out for a 'jog' at two o'clock in the morning, and I would run into that more and more."

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Young also confessed he'd go to Edwards' hotel room when they were traveling to wake him up and would see "towels stuffed underneath the door and I would hear muffled voices." Young even loaned the former senator his cell phone, so Edwards could make secret calls. "The callback number would be some woman that I'd never heard of before."

Why did Young turn a blind eye? "I loved him and was dedicated to him."