Martha Stewart's Ex BFF Speaks!

Mariana Pasternak has a few things she'd like people to know about her former best friend, Martha Stewart, and she's written a tell-all book to clear the air.

Once Stewart's closest friend, Pasternak was forced to testify against the homemaking maven during her 2001 stock fraud case, which resulted in Stewart serving prison time.

In an interview with "Extra," Pasternak says she never believed that her "testimony is what put Martha in jail. She was found guilty by a jury," but admits the two never saw each other after the trial.

"Being forced to testify against your best friend... that is a very sad state, a very upsetting situation," Pasternak confessed. "I would have liked that Martha would call me and acknowledge or sympathize that that has done to me -- her involving me in her mess."

Now, Pasternak has written "The Best of Friends: Martha and Me," detailing their relationship, which has reportedly left Stewart devastated over accusations leveled in the juicy tome. Pasternak describes how Stewart "dreamed of getting married" with every man she dated, and when her husband Andrew of 28 years left her, Stewart "hit herself, punched herself. She had bruises on her arms. She was all black and blue."

Stewart also often asked Pasternak to pay her back for the lavish vacations they and their families would take together. "Those vacations could get quite expensive... She had her office calculate the cost per person... Sometimes I could not afford the price, so Martha lent me money so I could pay, but the loan was with interest. I didn't question it. They were terms that Martha established."

But Pasternak admits that she still "loves" Martha, saying, "Nobody's perfect."