Andrew Young: Rielle's GQ Pix 'Bizarre'

John Edwards' former aide, Andrew Young, has some choice words to say about the sex scandal that rocked Capitol Hill.

Young, who was once the former senator's closest confidante, sits down with "Extra" to talk about how Edwards and his wife Elizabeth believed they could have it all.

"They thought they were destined to be the first family," Young says of the estranged couple. "After that, they lost their way." Young believes Elizabeth Edwards is equally at fault. "I love Elizabeth, but a lot of this is of Elizabeth's own making."

Young is perplexed by the recent photo shoot Rielle Hunter did for GQ, in which she posed seductively with children's stuffed toys -- considering she's suing Young over the alleged sex tape he found, which reportedly shows her with Edwards.

"I thought [the pictures] were odd. Bizarre would be a better word," Young said. "She's suing me for invasion of privacy. I would say an article like that with pictures like that kinda undermines that lawsuit."

As to Hunter's claim that Young accepted the responsibility of being the father of love child Frances Quinn to shield his boss, the former aide scoffed, "It's patently absurd to say that I said 'Hey, let me be the baby daddy.'"

Now Young is looking out for himself, hiring uber-agent Ari Emanuel -- the inspiration for Jeremy Piven's character on "Entourage" and brother of Obama's Chief of staff Rahm Emanuel -- to help turn Young's bestselling book "The Politician" into a movie.

"They asked me who's gonna play me and I said Danny Devito," Young joked.

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