'South Park' Targets Tiger Woods

Who better "South Park" to poke fun at Tiger Woods?

The irreverent animated show will start its 14th season on Wednesday by taking aim at the troubled golfer, as he "encounters" Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman in their make-believe Colorado town. Watch a clip here:

"It's such an important issue in America right now -- the sex addiction outbreak," "South Park" creator Matt Stone told The Huffington Post. "We're all really concerned about him and hope he gets better."

"South Park" is known for taking swipes at any number of issues, including the Church of Scientology and depicting Jesus Christ defecating on President Bush and the American flag. This time it's sex addiction and the relationship between powerful men, willing women and bad public relations.

The show particularly mocks Woods' Feb. 19th public apology for his misbehavior. "There's a delicacy in talking about (Woods) that we don't have to worry about," Stone said, who was fascinated and disgusted by Woods' on-air speech.

"South Park" takes on Tiger on Weds., March 17, on Comedy Central.